Small disasters

Hubs is on travel. That always makes for an interesting time here at our house. 5 year old and I usually call it Just Us Chicks.  What that usually means is we go out to eat, watch a lot of tv, and she sleeps in my bed.  Which is what we did last night.

She picked the restaurant which I happen to love myself, La Madeline.  Does she eat a kids meal?  Hell no.  She ate a mini strawberry cheesecake, a croissant, and a bowl full of strawberries that she dipped in some sugar.  Did I let her?  Yes.  Why?  Because I’m a sucker and I want her to think that Daddy being away still means fun.

Well, that much dessert in one 5 year old equals craziness.  There was squealing, there was running to chase cats, there was drawing, there were Barbies and princesses and paper and markers and tape all over the place.  When I finally wrangled her into bed she started screaming, “after you take a bath I’m sleeping with yooooouuuu.”  Good lord.

She fell asleep in her own bed and because I’m a chicken and can’t sleep by myself when hubs is gone and there would be freaking out if she woke up and there was no snuggling, I carried her into my bed.  At around 5 am, our yellow lab threw up all over the bedroom carpet.  We have hardwood floors and an area rug in our bedroom.  Why my 5 pets cannot puke on the hardwood floors I’ll never understand.  Perhaps their butts need to be comfy in order to hurl.  Anyway, yellow lab proceeds to puke, loudly, the poop she secretly ate at her last call outside before bed.  I was exhausted so I figured I’d clean up the puke around 6 am when we woke up.  I hadn’t realized the puke was laced with poop.  After about 5 minutes my bedroom smelled like an outhouse.  I got up and decided to clean it all up, stealth like, so that I didn’t wake the kiddo.  As I’m scrubbing by the light of a tiny booklight, no. 5 wakes up and screams, “WHO POOPIED IN THE ROOM?!?!  Was it you mommy?!?”  Apparently dessert was still coursing through her little veins.

Fyi, we survived and my bedroom windows are all open with vanilla candles burning brightly.  It’s always a small disaster when hubs goes away.